Guest Experience Management

How Artificial Intelligence Enhances the Guest Experience: Key Research Findings from the Soon-to-be-released Benchmark Report

Voice-activated and text-based personal assistants have became part and parcel of our lives. Smart devices in our pockets and our homes can book appointments for us, monitor our home security, play our favorite music, create […]

Market Research

6 Must-Have Technologies for Hotel Success

Starfleet Research,  the leading provider of best practices IT market research for the hospitality industry, in partnership with SkyTouch Technology, an independently-operated division of Choice Hotels International and provider of one of the most widely […]

Guest Experience Management

From Personalization to Next Generation Booking: Technology Trends Impacting Hotel Loyalty and The Guest Experience

By Doug Gaccione, Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Switchfly Staring down 8 years of steady revenue growth, hotels, unlike other travel-sector companies, have earned some “breathing room” to invest in new technology and […]