Revenue Management

IDeaS Introduces New Revenue Management Feature Designed to Help Hotels to Optimize All Combinations of Room Types

As any hotelier can attest, component rooms and flexible inventory present major challenges for revenue managers. These unique rooms have traditionally required manual pricing and constant oversight – and are often undersold because of their […]

Property Management Systems

Hotel Property Management Systems: Which Buying Considerations Matter Most?

By Debbie Carson, Associate Editor Hoteliers at different properties will invariably have different requirements and priorities when it comes to PMS buying considerations. That said, there are a number of expectations that hoteliers across the board are […]

Revenue Management

Duetto Unveils New Solution for Personalizing Pricing and Merchandising

One of hotelier’s greatest challenges lies in providing guests with a better and more personal shopping experience, increasing their likelihood to convert. Hoteliers have long sought a solution that enables them to serve both known […]