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A Few Tips on How Tipping Can Work in a Cashless Hotel

The deployment of cashless payment solutions, a necessary commercial change, has been spurred by the pandemic. Indeed, many businesses have taken the additional step of banning the use of cash altogether. But there’s a problem […]


Every Hotelier in Every Role Must Now Understand Technology

Traditionally, aspiring hoteliers enter the industry because they have a passion for service. And we have groomed them as such. But as COVID-19 has so resolutely proven, that time is resolutely over. Gone are the […]

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Key Features for Hoteliers to Look for in a Guest Messaging App

Travel numbers are finally begin to improve. But that doesn’t mean that hotel budgets shouldn’t continue to be kept as low as possible. This means limiting labor costs and introducing automation wherever possible. The concern […]

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Why Your Hotel’s Call Center is Your Brand’s First Impression

In today’s consumer world, a brand’s image carries as much weight as the brand’s service. Without branding, there would be no sure-fire way to differentiate yourself from your immediate competition. Imagine shopping for groceries in […]