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Brainstorming the State of Hotel Technology in the Year 2030

Right now, there are so many advances taking place in the realm of technology that it’s hard to keep up. Specific to owners and senior executives, asking ‘what if’ is always fun for how these developments can help evolve the hotel in the pursuit of greater occupancy and growing ADR. Importantly, though, hotels must consider how they are inevitably going to set aside capex for this progress, both as a defensive play to stay apace with guest expectations and as a means of enhancing brand awareness through buzzworthy early adoption. The hospitality industry has traditionally been a laggard when it comes to technology, but with all the shifts compelled by COVID-19 perhaps it’s finally time that we become a vanguard for progress. The list below is not one of things that will definitely happen. Rather, it’s hypothetical, and only designed to get you thinking about what trends a decade from now will be hot topics in for hotels. Electric vehicles galore with ample charging stations in every parking lot and even such offshoots like electric [...]

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