Guesty Launches Property Management Solution Tailored to Short-Term Rental Hosts With One to Three Properties

Guesty Lite aims to enhance listing visibility across major booking channels, streamline daily operations, and facilitate growth, all from a unified platform.

Guesty, a leading platform in the short-term rental industry, has unveiled Guesty Lite, a new offering tailored for hosts managing between one to three properties. This package leverages Guesty’s comprehensive property management solution, enabling hosts to access its premier features and technology with ease. Guesty Lite aims to enhance listing visibility across major booking channels, streamline daily operations, and facilitate growth, all from a unified platform. This initiative promises to help hosts boost their revenue and provide outstanding guest experiences effortlessly.

The short-term rental sector has experienced consistent growth, with a quarterly supply increase of 15% from 2022 to 2023. In a market with over 4 million Airbnb hosts alone, standing out is crucial for attracting guests. Guesty Lite addresses the complete spectrum of property management and distribution needs, offering vital tools to gain a competitive edge.

Amiad Soto, CEO of Guesty, emphasized the importance of enabling hosts, even those with a single property, to maximize their investment. He highlighted the burgeoning short-term rental market’s demand for differentiation and how Guesty Lite meets this need by offering a scalable, feature-rich software solution.

Guesty Lite is powered by the company’s extensive industry expertise and a robust R&D department comprising over 200 engineers. The package includes several key features, such as the Channel Manager for listing properties on multiple booking platforms like Airbnb,, and Vrbo effortlessly. Its Multi-Calendar feature provides a comprehensive booking overview to prevent double bookings, while advanced automation tools facilitate tasks like pricing optimization, guest communication, and cleaner scheduling. Initially available in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, Guesty Lite combines global reach with a localized approach.

Markus Nordvik, Guesty’s General Manager of Global Host Solutions, explained that Guesty Lite was developed in response to user feedback and industry insights. The package aims to address the challenges hosts face in scaling their businesses due to time constraints.

Guesty is a comprehensive platform for short-term rental businesses, designed to automate and streamline all operational aspects. With its specialized technology, vast industry knowledge, and a significant R&D team, Guesty ensures that hospitality businesses can efficiently grow and deliver exceptional value to guests. Featuring a full suite of functionalities and partnerships with over 180 industry leaders, including major OTAs, Guesty is revolutionizing the short-term rental space with its innovative solutions. The company boasts 15 global offices and a team of over 700 employees, underscoring its international presence and commitment to transforming hospitality management.

Guesty for Hosts, the company’s previous offering for hosts with 1–3 listings, will remain available, ensuring continuity for its users. However, the introduction of Guesty Lite signifies Guesty’s dedication to providing a singular platform suitable for businesses of all sizes. This approach allows hosts to access the same high-quality technology used by industry professionals and seamlessly transition to more advanced features as their business expands. Guesty stands out as the first in the industry to offer a comprehensive solution catering to property managers across the spectrum, from single listings to those with thousands.

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