Leveraging Technology to Highlight Your Hotel’s Sustainability Efforts

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important factor for travelers when choosing accommodations, hotels have a prime opportunity to showcase their green credentials. Fortunately, various technologies provide effective ways to communicate your sustainability initiatives to guests […]


How Hotel Operations Technology Improves Employee Productivity, Enhances the Guest Experience, and Increases Profits

In today’s information-driven world, we know that creating a positive guest experience is crucial for a hotel’s success. To survive in the competitive hospitality sector, hotel owners and general managers are increasingly turning to “Smart […]

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How Generative AI Tools Can Evolve (and Increase) Direct Hotel Bookings

Generative artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT are all the rage right now, with new announcements every week, especially in the hospitality industry. What we may be underestimating, though, is just how vast this evolution is […]


Cloud-Hosted Hotel PMS Data: Who Holds the Keys and Why It Matters

What’s in the cloud — and who owns it — anyway? Despite the industry’s reliance on cloud computing, security myths and other concerns swirl among discussions about the technology, sometimes leading operators to mistrust potential […]