Covid-19: Protecting Hotel Staff, Protecting Guests

Physicians and nurses expect to contend with infectious diseases as part of their every day work, but hotel workers do not. The COVID-19 pandemic is shining a spotlight on this stressful aspect of the workplace […]


How Your Hotel’s Post-Covid Restaurant Can Compete Against Ghost Kitchens

Pre-pandemic, the operative model for many hotels was to generate core earnings through the rooms division with more-or-less break even or slightly positive support from one’s F&B offerings. With the onsite dining experience heavily compromised […]


Why Managing OTAs Will Be Key to Early Hotel Recovery

As guests start to trickle in the doors again, one thing is becoming clear: OTAs are in a prime spot to capture early returning demand. OTAs are popular with driving travelers and those looking for […]

In the Spotlight

Investing in Employee Safety Sets the Table for Successful Hotel Reopenings

New threats are making it challenging to reduce risks facing hotel employees. Even with heightened cleaning standards and sanitizing technology, it may be difficult to lure frontline workers – especially housekeepers – back to work. […]


A Curated List of Free Technology Tools and Courses Available to Hoteliers

You may have been putting off researching and testing new tech tools during normal operations. After all, it can be quite time-consuming and expensive. But during this COVID-19 crisis, many hotel SaaS and technology providers […]