Why Hotels Need Next-Generation Swimming Pool Water Management Technology

The fact that hotels need to strive for excellence in their swimming pool water management practices — above and beyond simply complying with all regulatory standards — cannot be overstated. It is a non-negotiable aspect […]

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How Hotel Technology Integration Can Improve Environmental Sustainability While Enhancing the Guest Experience

Sustainability is a driving force in the hospitality industry, influencing the decisions of both guests and hoteliers. From energy-saving initiatives to digital communication strategies and paperless processes, hotels are implementing various eco-friendly practices to enhance […]

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How Embedded Payment Processing Benefits Both Hotels and Guests

The hotel payment processing experience is ready for a shakeup. Improving payment processing in hotels has been a major barrier for independent operators, and yet the closer payment processes are to a business’ core systems, […]

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How Outdated Legacy Systems Can Limit Your Hotel’s Revenue Potential

Despite its fast pace, the hospitality industry has a reputation for being resistant to change when it comes to updating platforms and processes. Many hotels continue to rely on outdated legacy systems that may have […]