Revenue Management

Hotel Rate Data: How to Ensure Accuracy and Completeness

With the evolving distribution landscape changing the relationship between OTAs and hotels, the data used by revenue managers to make informed decisions is more important than ever. Rate shopping tools provide hoteliers with knowledge on […]


Experts Take a Look at Hotel Technology in 2034

Guestline recently partnered with six technology, AI and hotel experts to reveal how the hotel of the future will look and function in the year 2034. The experts are from technology & AI, hotel and […]

Data and Analytics

Solving the Puzzle of Conversion Attribution

Measuring the impact of each touchpoint of a conversion can be tricky – the disjoined data from hotel systems and channels makes it hard to know where exactly to allocate your marketing budget. As a […]


Airbnb is Morphing Into the Amazon For Accommodations

We’ve all witnessed Airbnb’s dramatic growth over the past dozen or so years. Rising from a backpacker’s way to secure a cheap room, this distribution behemoth recently introduced its Luxe product line. Ranging from private […]

Channel Management

“Without Rate Parity, You Better Stay Away from Metasearch!” A Discussion with Jan Sammeck of Deutsche Hospitality

TRIPTEASE recently talked with Jan Sammeck, Director of eCommerce at Deutsche Hospitality and author of Online Marketing for Hotels, about the steps hotels can take to build an efficient long-term spending strategy on metasearch in […]


How Hotels Can Protect Against Data Leakage

According to reports this week, 700,000 records belonging to Choice Hotels have reportedly been stolen, with hackers demanding payment for their return. Comparitech, in collaboration with security researcher Bob Diachenko, found an unsecured database containing […]

AI / Robots

How Technology Can Answer Guests’ Questions Before They’re Even Asked

From personal referrals to online reviews and hotel website recommendations, hotel guests have many expectations of their stay well before arrival. From the time they step foot in the lobby, they are assessing whether the […]

CSR & Booking Solutions

Packaging and Upselling in the Face of Alternate Lodgings

Following the latest iteration of HITEC in Minneapolis this year, one subtle trend that has crept into our collective hoteliers’ consciousness is that we now work in the accommodations business instead of the narrower hotel […]

Guest-Facing Technologies

How Mobile Key Helps Combat Human Trafficking

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported over 23,000 endangered runaway children in 2018.  One in seven were likely victims of child sex trafficking.  80% of human trafficking victims are women and girls […]