Hotel Technology News is the hospitality industry’s premier source of information and insights related to technology innovation at the world’s leading hotels and resorts. Our reporting, research and opinion pieces reveal how forward-thinking hoteliers are upgrading their technology capabilities to improve operational performance and the quality of the guest experience, and how top solution providers are advancing the frontier on next-generation hospitality technologies.

Hotel Technology News is a wholly-owned property of Starfleet Media, the leading provider of B2B content marketing programs in selected niche markets, including hospitality, and the publisher of trade media resources focused on industry-specific technology innovation.

Starfleet Research, the IT market research arm of Starfleet Media, is a world leader in benchmarking best practices in technology-enabled business initiatives. Our popular and authoritative Smart Decision Guides focus on such hospitality-related topics as Hotel Property Management Systems, Hospitality Revenue Management, Guest Experience Management and Restaurant Management and POS Systems.

Starfleet Research also produces co-branded eBooks and other commissioned content assets, organizes and participates in webinars and industry events, and engages in custom research projects on behalf of both solution providers and industry practitioners. To learn more, contact us or visit our resources.

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