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How Technology Can Help Hoteliers Improve Their Upselling Techniques to Boost Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

Mastering the art of upselling is not just about increasing profits; it’s about creating value for guests and elevating their stay to an unforgettable experience.  The following are six tech-enabled upselling techniques that can transform your hotel’s approach to service (and selling). By offering strategic enhancements and thoughtful add-ons, hoteliers can create a memorable guest experience.  Upsell with Room Upgrades Did you know that over 60% of consumers would spend a little extra if an additional service complements or enhances their purchase? It’s true, as reported by our friends over at Little Hotelier.  One way your hotel can increase revenue and guest satisfaction is by offering room upgrades. Personalized room upgrades (like a room with a spa) can pleasantly surprise guests. Plus, guests who have already booked their trip tend to worry less about finances. To generate more revenue per booking, your hotel can also offer room upgrades when expensive [...]

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