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Why Hoteliers Should Treat AI Technology Adoption Like a Knob and Not a Switch

Given all the feats that the various generative pretrained transformers (GPTs) have accomplished in the first quarter of 2023, everyone is wondering both how this will apply to their own hotels and how quickly these general purpose artificial intelligences will rewrite the playbook on how travelers think. While hotels have been labeled as classically slow to change, there are many ways that these advanced learning machines can be deployed today to augment team productivity. And yet, there is a lot of fear over sweeping job loss, and rightfully so. For instance, senior managers working behind the scenes may worry that their spreadsheet-analyzing, meeting-attending and email-answering days are numbered as system integrations become increasingly sophisticated and robotic process automation (RPA) takes hold. The reservations and front desk departments may fear both chatbots replacing their guest messaging duties and conversational AI supplanting the in-house call center. Next, revenue management AI analytics continues to gain both intelligent recommendations and judgment capabilities. Besides RPA, there are physical robots that may soon replace runners during the graveyard shift, while ceiling-mounted [...]

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