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Looking Back on 2021: The Role of Hotel Technology in a Year of Gains, Setbacks and Continued Uncertainties

Just as the hotel industry was finally getting back on track, the much-needed recovery was dealt yet another blow with the emergence of the Omicron variant. As the year came to an end, hotels of all sizes and across all categories found themselves once again grappling with waves of travel restrictions and cancellations. Let’s hope this latest setback is less severe than what we saw with the Delta variant, as a growing number of epidemiology experts are now predicting, based on emerging data, and also short-lived. The good news is that occupancy levels are high compared to a year ago. Importantly, more hoteliers are also now in a much better position to be able to handle further disruptions — thanks, in large part, to technology upgrades that provide for greater agility. To that point, the hoteliers that were able to move swiftly to reduce operating costs and streamline business processes over the course of these past two years have generally been those with a scalable and flexible technology infrastructure. In most cases, this infrastructure is [...]

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