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How Hotels Can Drive Increased Revenue and Loyalty By Offering a Reciprocal Value Exchange with Guests

As privacy concerns related to data capture reach a fever pitch, consumer data – perhaps better described as the critical currency which powers personalization – is becoming a protected commodity. For a long time, brands across industries could collect and store online data without explicit disclosure of that capture and, more importantly, without first obtaining consent. This was a discreet and arguably invasive practice. Over time, privacy and personal data protection concerns began competing with consumer desire for a data-driven, personalized experience. The result? A widespread erosion of consumer trust, which, for customer-facing, service-based brands like hospitality, is very bad for business. All of this coincides with massive changes in data privacy from Apple and Google, which will significantly impact channels like Facebook and mobile apps.  Data will, of course, continue to drive insights and personalized touch-points, but the rules of engagement have changed. Industries like hospitality, which rely on retrieving traveler information to curate more relevant messaging, offers, experiences, and loyalty rewards, must adjust their approach. As we bid 2022 goodbye, “Ask, and you [...]

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