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The Cultural Attributes a Solution Provider Must Possess to Help Ensure Hotel Technology Success

Hospitality is built on the development and nurturing of personal relationships, extending beyond interactions with guests to include other hoteliers and even vendor partners. Hotel and resort owners and operators know that it’s not always enough to deliver positive results to customers, sometimes it’s more important to develop a connection with guests when providing service. This mentality can be a challenge for technology partners who have been conditioned by other industries to deliver results without emotion. However, company culture defines the way partners work together, and technology companies can learn a great deal from hospitality’s service-driven ethos. One thing hotel technology partners must be mindful of is the increasing complexity of software used throughout the industry. They should remain patient with operators who are stepping outside of their comfort zones to use technology they are unfamiliar with. Furthermore, many independent chains and boutique hotel groups operate without the benefit of an internal IT department, and for them, it is crucial that the technology supplier be a partner they can rely on to help solve problems [...]

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