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Why Conversational AI Exemplifies the New Era of Hotel Operations

Heading into this past summer’s travel recovery surge, every hotelier knew that labor shortages would be something to contend with, but we largely underestimated the severity of this crisis. In hindsight, the consequences have ranged from service errors, negative online reviews and lost customers to occupancy caps, reservation inquiry abandonment and limited hours of operation for restaurants or other amenities that directly reduce topline performance. Automation and other zero-labor solutions have helped immensely, but hotels can’t stop now. In what the two of us are calling the “Post-Covid Hyper-Capitalism” (PCHC) era, we predict that the real new normal is our current breakneck pace of commerce. Where this impacts hotels is that attention spans are exceedingly limited. This is reflected in guest behavior in three critical ways: Prospective guests are overloaded with hotel search options, booking channels and advertisements, and therefore brands need omnichannel visibility with automation essential to manage content and rate distribution With so many options, many prospective guests are suffering from shopper’s paralysis and will look to resolve their research by using live [...]

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