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How Digital Tools Help Hotels Ensure Food Safety While Protecting Brand Reputation and Meeting Guest Expectations

While cleanliness and hygiene have always been important for hospitality businesses, the pandemic has driven customer expectations in these areas—and the standards hotels now need to maintain to address them—to new levels. But implementing and effectively monitoring all of the necessary policies and procedures to meet these increased expectations across your properties can be difficult, especially when using manual or outdated systems. Over the years, we’ve seen how paper- or document-based checklists have been used by hotels to try to measure if brand standards were being met at their properties. In today’s world, however, these methods are wholly inadequate. Given customer expectations, competition, and staff turnover – your brand can’t afford a bad customer experience. Going digital can help your business deliver a better customer experience (CX). Ultimately, the shift to a more digital approach for daily operational routines can enable your employees to know exactly what is expected of [...]

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