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Understanding the Importance of Good Survey Design and the Right Technology Capabilities in Hotel Guest Feedback

Hotel reviews and guest feedback are critical for determining what’s meaningful for the guest. We all understand this, because oftentimes the fixes that will generate the most ROI are not necessarily the most expensive. Call it ‘value engineering’ whereby the more guest feedback you get the more you have to go on to improve operations which then translates into more guest satisfaction, the ability to command higher rates and, ultimately, healthier NOI or property valuations. In this sense, there’s a positive feedback loop between guest feedback and long-term asset value, making the former an instructional aspect of hotel operations that hoteliers simply must pay more attention to. Knowing this, the question then becomes how do hotels get more feedback (either on TripAdvisor, an OTA or direct to the brand) so that there’s more information to guide opex or capex. With this question, what’s striking about the hotel industry is there’s [...]

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