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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Online Check-in for Hoteliers

The pandemic has significantly transformed the way most businesses operate, and hotels are no exception. In hospitality, so many things have changed in such a short span of time that many tech solutions became not just popular but vital for hotel businesses all around the world. Hotel check-in has changed, in many ways, for good. There is a surge in hoteliers seeking out solutions to enable contactless check-in, which has been the buzzword in the last few months due to Covid-19 measures and social-distancing rules. P3 and FreedomPay reported an average of 35% adoption rate of all guests who are due to check-in, with take-up as high as 72% in some hotels. But is this new technology really what the consumer wants? Hospitality is such a personal business so it has been challenging to engage with guests and keep them loyal to you while keeping communications contact-free. Therefore, we need [...]

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