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Why Assessing and Mitigating the Security Risks of PMS Data Should be a Top Priority for Every Hotel IT Team

Data security has come under greater scrutiny for all businesses in recent years, with larger fines and penalties being awarded for contemporary data breaches. This issue is only compounding as digital transactions take precedence over physical exchanges, and third-party partnerships become more important to maintain operations. Choosing the right partner and hosting environment for your property can be complicated, but the property-management system (PMS) selected will play a critical role in securing your confidential data. Protecting your guests’ data is equally important as preserving their physical safety, but confusion still abounds regarding hoteliers’ level of responsibility for protecting guest data. It’s easy to understand why, with multiple ways to host and access the servers containing this data and the way this intersects with third parties. There are two components of the puzzle: the booking engine used by hotels, and the actual PMS. Since guest data can be self-hosted by hotels, managed on-property by a third party, or handled entirely off site, it’s up to hoteliers to decide what works best for their property. Understanding how [...]

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