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Checking In: The Importance of Video Surveillance Technology in Hotel Security

The changing landscape within the hospitality industry is creating a significant shift in priorities for hotel owners and security leaders. Evolving risks, including those related to cyber security, liability, compliance, and guest safety, propel the need for security strategies that should be integrated with a hotel’s overall business strategy. The fact that the hotel environment faces more challenges than ever requires innovators to make the extra effort to gain a better understanding of the needs of this market. At the same time, it’s incredibly important to understand both the challenges today’s hotel security professionals face, as well as how the adoption and use of technology can best address them. In today’s connected world, there are numerous opportunities to use technology to enhance business, increase safety and significantly improve the guest experience. The role of the security function within hotels is well-established, but continuously changing. Although security started mainly as a loss prevention function focused on reducing theft and loss, it has broadened to include protection from several threats ranging from fraud, theft, and malfeasance to [...]

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