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How Hoteliers Can End the Inefficiencies of Videoconferencing

Back in March or April 2020 when the shelter-at-home orders abruptly disconnected most of us from our office commutes and camaraderie with our fellow hoteliers, regrouping online for videoconference meetings made sense as a triage remedy for any feelings of loneliness and despair. With remote work now firmly cemented into the next normal of operations, it’s critical that we recognize the gross inefficiencies of this communication medium then come up with some alternatives. Primarily, most of these videoconferences are a waste of time. But this should not come as a shock for the hospitality world. In truth, long before the advent of daily or weekly discussions via Zoom, Skype, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams, many managers were already hampered from getting any real work done because their days would see them bouncing from hourlong meeting to hourlong meeting, with only enough time in between for a light nosh or a [...]

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