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Blockchain for Hotels: Planck’s Principle and Hotelier Skepticism

This year has already seen many of the various cryptocurrencies grace the front page of major news outlets. This trend will continue throughout 2021 and, by our predictions, for the rest of everyone’s natural lifespans who happen to be reading this article. Pure hype or not, the technologies underpinning these altcoins are going to keep expanding and maturing as the applications for blockchains are too great to ignore. Prior to any college-level lessons about the exact innerworkings of blockchains, decentralized hyperledgers, algorithmic hashing, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and mining incentivization via proof of work, there’s an even more basic mental step that must first take place. Ruminating on a very broad level about any trepidations within companies or resistance to investigating how best to deploy blockchain technologies (beyond viewing bitcoin as a diversified portfolio hedge against fiat currency’s current hyperinflation trajectory), it’s critical to recall a famous quote by the physicist Max Planck who discovered quantum electron valences and inspired Einstein. The short paraphrasing of this quote is, “Science advances one funeral at a time.” Now [...]

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