Hospitality Communications in the Digital Age

An epiphany occurred while researching my annual communications forecast—history is integral to future development.  Trends projected long ago are now past, yet they paved the way to the present and will set the stage for […]

In the Spotlight

How Technology Empowers Hoteliers’ Revenue Strategy

For decades, hoteliers have looked to technology to help measure and forecast demand so they could dynamically price their rooms accordingly. With data at their fingertips, hoteliers could make smart pricing decisions to capitalize on […]

AI / Robots

Artificial Intelligence: Working Hand in Hand with Hotel Staff

Artificial intelligence has been disrupting and transforming various industry sectors for years. While the hospitality industry as a whole may not have been at the forefront of AI-enabled technology adoption, hotel operators are now paying […]

CSR & Booking Solutions

The Benefits of Virtual Reality for Hotel Bookings

GCH, a leading German hotel management company, is a good example of a pioneer in the world of virtual reality for hotel bookings. More than a third of the hotels they manage, including Best Western, Ibis, […]


10 Advantages for Hoteliers In Providing Your Own AV Equipment and Staff

Outsourcing audiovisual services to a third-party provider has its advantages but is not always the right choice for every facility. Hotels and conference centers that provide standard presentation and voice reinforcement services often choose to […]


3 Ways Technology Can Transform Waste Management At Your Hotel

Whether you run small boutique hotels or a series of larger chains, you have a great deal of responsibility to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. You’re consistently looking to boost your bottom line, enhance customer […]

AI / Robots

How Data-driven Technology Turbocharges Hotel Guest Engagement

From standalone software components to a centralized and integrated system that encompasses all hotel functions. From manual management to automated management of hotel operations. From rudimentary data analysis to robust analysis that yields actionable insights […]

Data and Analytics

Why Hotels Must Prioritize IT Performance

Interoperability and data integration are essential to every aspect of hotel operations — but an overburdened IT infrastructure can lead to fragmented systems and data silos. The end result can be inefficiencies, frustration, impaired customer […]