New Feature from RoomKeyPMS Allows Hoteliers to Automate Guest Data “Merging and Purging” Process

With the growing trend of personalization, invisible automation, and guest self-service, hoteliers are looking for ways to harness the power of unified guest data from multiple guest stays into single, rich, complete guest profiles. Good quality, usable guest information is central to creating a great and profitable hotel guest relationship. Poor quality guest history and preference information misses the opportunity for great guest interaction. Such efforts, however, have often been a cumbersome manual process or simply often ended in failure.

RoomKeyPMS announcement today of its launch of its new, premium feature, “Profile Match and Merge”,  may help hotelier take a big step toward achieving that goal. According to the company, Profile Match & Merge intelligently suggests potential duplicate guest records, allowing the hotel team to unify guest data from multiple stays into a single, complete profiles.

The new feature allows hotel properties automate the guest data function making “merging and purging” a near-automated task. It takes advantage of artificial intelligence available in Microsoft Azure cloud technologies to intelligently suggest potential duplicate guest records. This allows users to unify guest data from multiple stays into single, rich, complete profiles.

Disclosure: The solution provider featured in this article is a current or past client of Starfleet Media, which is the publisher of Hotel Technology News.


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