Trio Launches “Project Rescue” to Help Clients Avoid Wasting Money on Property Projects

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Project Rescue allows clients to consult experts and overlook their projects in order to check if they are on track with their current builder.

Trio Maintenance Ltd., a property maintenance company working with agents, housing associations, private landlords and hotels, has launched Project Rescue, a consultation service designed to help clients avoid wasting money on property projects.

Sandro Heitor, co-founder of Trio, is one of the masterminds behind the new initiative. Project Rescue allows clients to consult experts and overlook their projects in order to check if they are on track with their current builder. Trio’s expert team will then guide the client and provide advice on whether they should be releasing more funds and if they have been priced correctly on the works involved.

The inspiration for Project Rescue comes after it was discovered that new clients looking to Trio for help had been left with 50% of their budgets wasted on projects that had only been 30% completed. This was often the result of poor money management, inaccurate valuations and unacceptable project management. Trio aims to prevent their clients from becoming victims of bad industry practices, instead helping them get the best value for their money.

Project Rescue helps clients solve their construction and property woes by providing timely and effective solutions that gets the job done, and many clients are already benefiting from Project Rescue.

In November 2019, Trio closed a joint venture development with a client going through a divorce and looking to develop her 5 bedroom house into 7 apartments in Streatham. Still having a mortgage to pay, and no lender, she faced experiencing huge financial loss to her property. After looking around for the right developer and builders for her situation, she was introduced to Trio and Project Rescue who helped her structure the deal to the best advantage.

The scheme went on to deliver results beyond the client’s expectations, helping her to keep all 7 of the apartments at the end of the build, completed in less than 6 months, as well as £300,000 liquid on day one.

“We believe our approach and methods in business are way ahead  of how most business owners we come across behave and approach business ventures, this is what makes Trio unique and different in the London property market,” said Sandro Heitor, co-founder of Trio. “Project Rescue is just another way we are helping people to achieve better outcomes for their property construction projects.”

Project Rescue appears to be the answer to complex issues others cannot solve. Trio provides the client with creative ways to work around hurdles and constraints whilst making sure they are getting the best deal. The services they offer are unparalleled and extremely unique in the world of property and industry.

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