BriteShot Announces Decontamination Products to Help Hotels and Other Venues Reopen Safely

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Mitigating COVID-19 exposure in indoor environments, BriteShot’s revolutionary decontamination solutions include its AirAffair air filtration system (shown here) and BriteShot decontamination tent.

BriteShot, a market-leading vendor of LED lighting solutions, has shifted its manufacturing strategy amidst the global pandemic and now specializes in COVID-19 decontamination products. Mitigating COVID-19 exposure in indoor environments, BriteShot’s revolutionary decontamination solutions include its AirAffair air filtration system and BriteShot decontamination tent.

“To help venues re-open safely amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, we have dedicated our R&D resources to design groundbreaking innovation in air filtration and air purification,” says Roy McDonald, co-founder at BriteShot. “With more than a decade of knowledge and experience working in the entertainment space, we aim to have our decontamination technology be a factor in helping entertainment venues, restaurants, schools, houses of worship and more, reopen their doors in a safe and effective way.”

BriteShot’s AirAffair system uses scientifically backed technologies to effectively inactivate and filter contaminated airborne particulate matter. When air first enters the unit, it passes through a pre-filter of a HEPA/MERV 10 rating to capture large particulate matter. Then, the remaining matter flows through a UV-C light germicidal and cold plasma chamber to kill off and target the core RNA of organisms that can become viral in the human body. To further purify, the air then passes through a MERV 13-rated filter to capture smaller contaminated air particles. Finally, the air is ionized and pumped back into the environment in a completely purified state.

“New York State guidelines dictate that indoor facilities must meet filtration system guidelines that are MERV 13 compliant,” says McDonald. “With the AirAffair unit in any indoor environment, customers can close the windows, close the doors and be rest assured that the air circulating throughout the room has been filtered and purified. Simply bring in the AirAffair unit, turn it on, and you’re ready to welcome the public back inside while keeping everyone safe. Plus, the filtration process is extremely quiet, so you don’t have to worry about any noise distraction.”

BriteShot’s decontamination tent provides an ideal solution to meet the universal need for fast, fully enclosed structures in the time of a global pandemic. When paired with the AirAffair, BriteShot adds another level of reassurance as venues can position the tent at its entrance, transitioning the public from one purified space to the next acting as an airlock. This affordable and collapsible shelter is constructed from high-density polypropylene fabric and includes built-in, fully sealable zippered doors and a telescoping pole supporting the front opening. This keeps individuals inside of the tent safe from the potential of contracting COVID from the environment outside of its four walls.

To further protect its habitants, the airlock shelter allows for social distancing by inserting a divider in the center of the enclosure. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the airlock shelter is weather-proof with a dry floor system, snow load rating of 10 lbs. per square foot and can withstand wind gusts up to 80 mph.

“It’s been a difficult year within the entertainment space as facilities have been forced to close their doors or reduce capacity,” adds McDonald. “Together, BriteShot’s AirAffair and airlock shelter can provide an ultimate solution for protecting patrons as we return to indoor gatherings and get back to doing what we love.”

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