mycloud PMS and Aiosell Boost Hotel Bookings with Fully Automated Revenue Management Software Integration

mycloud Hospitality Software has added Aiosell Revenue Management Software (RMS) to its library of 175+ integration partners. Available for use with the company’s all-in-one cloud-based hotel Property Management Solution (PMS), the Aiosell RMS powered by […]

Success Stories

New Linden Hotel Selects mycloud PMS to Enhance Its Operational Efficiencies and Improve Guest Services

New Linden Hotel, headquartered in London’s West End, is using mycloud Hospitality Software’s all-in-one cloud-based Hotel Property Management Solution (PMS) to enhance operational efficiencies and improve guest services. The award-winning mycloud PMS offers a feature […]


What Does Big Data Mean to Hotel Management?

Over the past few years, everything has changed including the way people think and feel about their hotel stays. Whether it is business or leisure, guests expect to have a unique and comfortable experience starting […]