Avvio to Launch Direct Booking Platform Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Allora will be the first AI-powered direct booking platform for hotels.

Avvio has announced the launch of Allora, which it bills as the world’s first direct booking platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The platform is scheduled to launch in October.

According to a company spokesperson, Allora will be the first AI-powered direct booking platform for hotels and will use machine learning to constantly improve the booking experience and increase conversions. The platform will focus primarily on driving direct bookings and guest loyalty by orchestrating better online interactions between hotels and guests.

Allora reportedly relies on learning models to analyze large volumes of data, and identify which variations will yield the best booking engine configuration. The platform is designed to enable each hotel to build on insights from across our network, and drive precision with their own data.

According to the press release, Allora uses learned customer behavior “to create a unique conversation between the hotel and the guest by leveraging AI at the right moment, optimizing and personalizing their journey. It moves the booking journey away from the one-size-fits-all model of today by making it dynamic, relevant and tailored to each shopper’s needs and interests. This way, shoppers find what they’re looking for faster and will likely feel a stronger emotional connection with the hotel, increasing their incentive to book direct.”

The idea is to track and analyze data across hundreds of properties, based on geography, guest history, booking preferences, interactions on site, conversions and more. The platform will then curate relevant options based on demonstrated guest behavior and optimize the booking journey to guide shoppers to book direct with as high a booking value as possible.