Infor Launches Mobile App to Help Hoteliers Make Smart Pricing Decisions

The application, available through Google Play Store and Apple App Store, enables users to stay on top of their business by providing critical information on mobile devices.

Harnessing the power of revenue management, major hotel and resort brands have seen their revenue numbers increase by millions of dollars. Smaller properties, too, have enjoyed substantial upturns in top-line revenue growth. Fueling this success is the advent of next-generation cloud revenue management solutions. These solutions are designed to automate pricing recommendations and other decision-making processes that sit at the heart of increased room occupancy, revenue and overall profitability.

One of the leading providers of these solutions is Infor, which today announced the availability of its Infor EzRMS Mobile as part of the company’s overall portfolio of Hospitality Revenue Management Solutions. The application, available through Google Play Store and Apple App Store, enables users to stay on top of their business by providing critical information on mobile devices. It provides the right information at the right time so hoteliers can analyze trends and make pricing decisions on the go.

Infor EzRMS Mobile provides a rich set of features including:

  • Smart KPIs – The mobile app enables more informed and confident decision making by providing a view of the most important business metrics through comparisons of past performance and future forecasts. The KPIs are presented in figures and charts for quick and easy access to data related to Occupancy, Room ADR, Room Revenue and more.
  • Customizable Views and Dashboards – Infor EzRMS Mobile allows the end user to configure and customize how they view information and data, based on what works for them. Data can be sorted by Pick-Up Information, Day, Month, Calendar View, Actuals, On-The-Books, Forecasts and more. The app makes it possible for users to access all relevant information and easily swap from one hotel to another, if necessary.

Additional features, like the following, will also be available for Infor EzRMS Mobile:

  • Updated Recommendations – With easy integration to property management systems and central reservation systems, all information is kept up-to-date and users can view relevant recommendations and related competitor analysis to make informed pricing decisions. Users are also able to upload these recommendations to third party systems.
  • Instant Notifications – The application provides updates and notifications for changes that may have an impact on the business, and the data is accessible on mobile devices.

The Infor Hospitality Revenue Management portfolio comprises of revenue management solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. This core software application automatically calculates demand forecasts to maximize yields and profits. New features in the mobile app such as having data that is configurable by day or month, or a more visual breakdown of KPIs such as Occupancy and Room Revenue, are helping to provide more enterprise-wide visibility for users.

Infor’s EzRMS platform includes the following capabilities:

Database loading and consolidation. Forms an integral part of modeling and forecasting functionality for a next-generation solution, allowing for highly detailed analysis of transactional data through a multitude of reporting options.

Demand modeling. Automatically analyzes and evaluates all PMS and user data, and uses unique algorithms to create property-specific unconstrained demand models.

Demand forecasting. Provides up-to-date constrained as well as unconstrained forecasts of room nights, total revenue, cancellations, no-shows, arrivals, departures, and much more.

Optimization. Solves revenue-optimization problem with a state-of-the-art and proprietary set of innovative algorithms that optimally balance demand and supply, resulting in a set of controls and recommendations.

Controls and recommendations. Automatically translates recommendations into controls for all interfaced and non-interfaced systems in order to ensure seamless optimization of all distribution channels.

Given access to the right data, and provided that the individual running the queries has the appropriate skills and knowledge base, Infor EzRMS Mobile should be able to answer most of the day-to-day questions that are needed in order to help maximize a hotel’s financial performance.

Disclosure: The solution provider featured in this article is a current or past client of Starfleet Media, which is the publisher of Hotel Technology News.