Nuvola Completes Product Line with Launch of Its Housekeeping Productivity Module

Press Release


Nuvola, a hotel optimization and guest engagement software company, today announces the launch of its latest module, Housekeeping Productivity, rounding out the platform as a fully comprehensive solution. The addition of this new module completes the company’s primary product offerings, enabling hotels that deploy Nuvola to manage all aspects of operations from one easy to use software system.

“Our mission at Nuvola has always been to provide technology solutions that speak to specific pain points for hoteliers,” said Juan Carlos Abello, Nuvola CEO.  “There is no one-size-fits-all product, but we’re coming close by putting all the necessary tools into one easy to manage platform.  The launch of our Housekeeping Productivity module is a necessary part of being able to offer the most comprehensive optimization system on the market.”

Impacting one of the most valuable areas of a hotel, Housekeeping Productivity streamlines daily room attendant activities through an intuitive system accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.  The solution increases productivity, shortens response times, facilitates board assignments, provides insight into cost-savings, heightens guest satisfaction, and ultimately shows hoteliers a healthy return on investment.

“Housekeeping is the largest and most time sensitive department of a hotel,” continued Abello. “It’s critical that housekeeping has the tools in place to ensure efficiency for profitability. As a former hotelier, adding a housekeeping solution to our platform has always been in the plan. It’s one of the hardest departments to optimize, but with Housekeeping Productivity, we’re confident our clients now have a robust solution that is user-friendly and is perfect for the fast-paced, dynamic hospitality environment.”

Connecting supervisors with their room attendants, optimizing daily room assignments, and tracking rush rooms, do not disturb requests and refuse service notifications in real-time, Nuvola’s new Housekeeping Productivity module erases the need for paper logs and two-way radios. The new solution equips housekeeping to better keep up with 24-hour room readiness. Additional benefits include enhanced scheduling, accountability, request management, and inventory control.