Research Report from Amadeus and InterContinental Explores Technology-Driven Changes Facing Hoteliers


A research report published today from Amadeus and InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), called Drivers of Change in Hospitality, explores the some of the changes hoteliers can expect as guest insight, technology optimization and the ability to hyper-personalize take effect. The study is informed by over 7,500 consumers worldwide.

Among the findings:

Hospitality providers will need to serve guests in a significantly more connected way, striking the right balance between automated solutions and human interaction. The study details how technology will be used to empower staff to deliver unprecedented levels of service at scale. It suggests that technology needs to support human interaction, not replace it, as the majority of guests (67%) say they prefer to interact with a person for the emotional interaction.

In the competition for guest loyalty, hospitality providers need to identify how to offer value through delivering memorable, shareable experiences. To do this, hotels must understand individual guest needs on each trip, and offer a host of unique and unexpected surprises. In fact, 70% of global travelers would like hotels to provide more advice and tips about unique things to do, with only 20% saying they currently get ideas from the hotel.

Ongoing guest relationships must be underpinned by technology if they are to function at scale. Personal attention and personality will no be longer a characteristic of boutique brands only. Instead, data allows hotels to anticipate the best way to make each individual guest feel valued, whether that is through unexpected perks, experiences or rewards.

To learn more and to access the report, please click here.