The Hotels Network Launches Travel Assistance Insurance Solution to Help Hoteliers Increase Website Conversions

Submitted Announcement

The launch of SafeDirect comes at an opportune moment, as travelers are showing growing interest in insurance.

The Hotels Network (THN), a full-stack growth platform for hotels, has announced its latest innovative offering, SafeDirect, designed for hoteliers to dramatically increase their website conversions. The all-in-one turnkey solution allows hotels to effortlessly provide complimentary travel assistance insurance to every guest who reserves a room through their website. This amazing perk sets the hotel’s website apart from any other option available, serving as a compelling incentive for guests to book directly.

The launch of SafeDirect comes at an opportune moment, as travelers are showing growing interest in insurance. Insurance-related searches surged by 76% in 2022, while insured travelers doubled in number. By covering guests’ medical expenses throughout the hotel stay, SafeDirect brings peace of mind while positioning hotels as the preferred choice for travelers seeking a seamless and worry-free experience.

How does SafeDirect work?

  • Hoteliers can sit back and relax. THN manages the entire process, from setting up website communications and providing local language assistance to policy and claims management.

  • Visitors on the hotel’s website are shown personalized messages throughout the booking funnel highlighting the exclusive benefit of complimentary travel assistance insurance and enticing them to book directly.

  • Upon booking completion, guests receive an automated email confirmation containing everything they need to know about their travel assistance insurance.

  • SafeDirect’s coverage is worldwide and includes medical and dental expenses, repatriation, and extended stays as needed.

  • Hotel brands benefit from minimal per-guest fees for coverage, yielding a substantial uplift in direct conversion rates and a high ROI.

Through A/B tests conducted with a variety of hotel brands, SafeDirect has already demonstrated impressive results, elevating conversion rates and revenue for THN’s clients. The impact was observed across all traveler segments, particularly families and international travelers, who experienced conversion growth of up to 20%. With the platform, hoteliers have complete control over segmentation and the ability to select which guests are eligible for insurance, enabling brands to optimize their direct channel strategy.

The Hotels Network Founder, Juanjo Rodriguez, commented on THN’s newest release, “By leveraging comprehensive traveler data from our global network of over 19,000 hotels, we have gained a deep understanding of website user behavior and the most effective ways of communicating perks to maximize direct revenue. That’s why we have developed SafeDirect, an entirely innovative offering that didn’t exist before, providing hotel brands with a unique advantage that transforms their direct channel performance.

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