Spotlight Interview: Vaughn Davis, Managing Director of Dream Hollywood


Vaughn Davis, Managing Director of Dream Hollywood, is a seasoned luxury hospitality leader with over a decade of experience in prestigious lifestyle hotels in New York and Los Angeles. He began his career in 2010 with Royalton Park Avenue NYC (Formerly Gansevoort), moving to Dream Hotel Group’s Dream Downtown in 2011. Vaughn’s vision and attention to detail have contributed to the successful launch of hotels across North America, in collaboration with renowned entities like Dream Hotel Group, Gansevoort Hotel Group, Hyatt, and Two Roads Hospitality.

Vaughn’s interest in technology has led to the introduction of innovative guest experiences, including AI and NFT galleries, QR code luggage tags, Apple Pay integration, podcasts, and art residencies in hotel lobbies of Dream Hollywood. Here he shares some of his experience at Dream Hollywood and his insights on the role that technology can play in improving the quality of the guest experience.

What are your primary responsibilities as Dream Hollywood’s General Manager?

At the helm of Dream Hollywood, my role goes beyond the day-to-day. While ensuring the hotel’s impeccable standards and overseeing operations remain crucial, I’m also deeply involved in strategic planning, brand partnerships, and pushing the envelope on innovation. My passion for technology and AI drives me to continuously envision a hotel experience that’s not only luxurious but also futuristic.

Tell us about some of the programs and initiatives you have launched throughout your hospitality career.

At Dream Hollywood, I’ve always strived to bring the future to the present. The deployment of our Robot Concierges reflects that ambition. Rather than merely providing a service, it’s about ushering in a new dimension to the guest experience—a dance between human needs and technological finesse. It’s about crafting moments where our guests feel they’re not just in a hotel, but in a portal to tomorrow. But this forward-thinking approach isn’t just about embracing tech for tech’s sake. Our commitment also lies in ensuring that as we march toward the future, we do so responsibly. This has led to the discussion of programs that are sustainable technological solutions, aligning innovation with eco-consciousness. As we delight our guests with glimpses of tomorrow, we’re equally dedicated to preserving the beauty and health of our planet. It’s this balance between the future and responsibility that I believe sets Dream Hollywood apart.

What role does technology play in the guest experience at Dream Hollywood?

In my vision for Dream Hollywood, technology is not just an enabler but a co-star in the narrative of luxury hospitality. We have endeavored to embed technology in nearly every facet of our guest journey. From the moment they walk through our doors, they’re enveloped in an environment that’s as intuitive as it is innovative. Beyond the efficiencies technology brings, what truly excites me is its potential for predictive personalization. Leveraging the power of data analytics and AI, we’ve embarked on crafting experiences tailored to each guest, often anticipating their desires and preferences before they’re even voiced. It could be as simple as having their favorite drink ready upon arrival or fine-tuning room settings based on past preferences, but it’s these subtle touches that make a world of difference.

What are your thoughts on AI and how do you see it being used in the hospitality industry?

The transformative potential of AI in the hospitality sector is genuinely exhilarating. AI, as I see it, is more than just a technological tool; it’s the next frontier in refining and revolutionizing the guest experience. At its core, hospitality is about understanding and catering to the myriad needs of guests, and AI offers us unprecedented insights into these needs. For instance, predictive analytics powered by AI can enable us to discern patterns in guest behaviors and preferences. This means we can proactively tailor services, from room ambiance to culinary preferences, even before a guest articulates them. Imagine entering a room that already understands your preferred lighting or music, or a dining experience curated based on your past likes and dietary requirements. However, with great power comes great responsibility. As we embrace AI, it’s crucial to ensure the ethical use of data, maintaining guest privacy and trust. The goal is not to intrude but to enhance, making every guest’s stay at Dream Hollywood feel uniquely tailored, yet reassuringly familiar.

Dream Hollywood has a robot concierge. What has been the reaction of guests to this service bot?

Dream Hollywood robot concierge from Relay Robotics

Our robot concierge has become more than just a functional aspect of service; it’s an experience in itself. Guests often express their delight and surprise at this fusion of hospitality and technology, with many finding it a highlight they are eager to share on social platforms like Instagram. This not only underscores our commitment to enhancing guest stays with innovative touches but also showcases how these technological inclusions can spark joy, create lasting memories, and seamlessly integrate into the modern traveler’s digital narrative.

How is Dream Hollywood becoming a leader in the hotel technology space?

Dream Hollywood stands at the forefront of hotel technology not just by enhancing guest experiences, but also by revolutionizing the very mechanics of hotel management. We’ve harnessed the power of AI to streamline administrative tasks, making our operations more efficient and responsive. This allows our team to focus on what truly matters: curating unparalleled guest moments. From our interactive robot concierge captivating guests to AI-driven back-end systems that predict and adapt to our hotel’s needs, we’re setting new industry standards. It’s our commitment to seamlessly merging the technological and the human that positions Dream Hollywood as a visionary leader in the hotel technology domain.

Will tech play a big role in the hospitality industry’s recovery and rejuvenation?

Imagine, if you will, a phoenix. A creature of myth, reborn from the ashes, soaring to greater heights after every cycle. That’s the role technology assumes in the hospitality industry’s narrative of rejuvenation. Tech isn’t just a tool; it’s the magical essence that reshapes our understanding of service, experience, and connection. As we emerge from challenges, it’s technology that acts as our compass, pointing us towards innovative horizons, while ensuring the heart of hospitality—its inherent warmth and humanity—beats stronger than ever. So, in the tapestry of the industry’s revival, technology is not merely a thread, but the very loom upon which our future is being woven.

 What does the future hold for Dream Hollywood?

As we gaze into Dream Hollywood’s future, it gleams with promise and ambition. At our core, we will remain dedicated to crafting unparalleled experiences that blend the magic of Hollywood with the warmth of home. Technologically, we’re charting courses that many haven’t even dreamt of—imagining rooms that transform with a guest’s mood, integrating deeper AI-driven personalization, and expanding our tech ensemble with innovations that surprise and enchant. However, beyond the marvels of technology, our emphasis will always be on human connections, celebrating the stories of each traveler who walks through our doors. Dream Hollywood isn’t just a hotel; it’s a living entity, evolving, dreaming, and aiming to redefine the quintessence of luxury hospitality.