Spotlight Interview: Joshua Rogers, Cofounder and CEO, Alertify


With a background in strategy consulting and capital markets, Joshua Rogers brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Prior to founding Alertify, he led high-impact consulting projects at KPMG Russia, and successfully managed large portfolios in banking. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Envitae, a luxury short-term rental management company, where he encountered challenges with disruptive guests. This experience inspired him to innovate and create Alertify, a compact sensory array unit for hotel property monitoring.

In this interview, Rogers shares insights into his background and career before founding Alertify, highlighting how his previous experience influenced the creation and development of the company. He discusses the inspiration behind venturing into the field of property monitoring technology and how Alertify’s room-monitoring solutions are improving the way property managers maintain guest satisfaction and security. He delves into the development process of Alertify’s solutions, explaining how the devices actively monitor for smoking, noise disturbances, large groups, and more. He also sheds light on how monitoring technology helps hotels, property managers, and short-term rental operators save money and protect themselves from disruptive guests and tenants.

First off, congrats on all your success to date. Can you share some insights into your background and career before founding Alertify? How has your previous experience influenced the creation and development of Alertify? What inspired you to venture into the field of property monitoring technology, in the first place?

I appreciate your kind words. My professional background has largely been in strategy consulting and capital markets, where I spearheaded impactful board-level consulting projects in the Financial Services, Energy, and Transportation sectors. In parallel, I engaged in entrepreneurial ventures, including Envitae, a luxury short-term rental management company in major US cities. Encountering challenges with disruptive guests, my partner and I pioneered a compact sensory array unit, giving rise to the inception of Alertify.

Can you explain how Alertify’s room-monitoring solutions are transforming the way property managers maintain guest satisfaction and security? How does Alertify help property managers mitigate potential disturbances and violations swiftly?

Certainly. Alertify’s room-monitoring solutions are revolutionizing property management by providing real-time insights into guest behavior. Our technology, equipped with sophisticated sensors, allows property managers and hoteliers to proactively monitor noise levels, indoor smoking, and occupancy in real time. This transformative approach enables managers to swiftly identify and address potential disturbances or violations.

By receiving instant notifications on their dashboard, property managers can intervene before issues escalate, ensuring a serene environment for all guests. This proactive stance not only enhances guest satisfaction but also prevents negative incidents that could harm a property’s reputation. Alertify empowers property managers to maintain security, mitigate disruptions, and create an overall positive experience for both guests and hosts.

Can you share some insights into the development process of Alertify’s room-monitoring solutions and explain how Alertify’s devices actively monitor for smoking, vaping, noise disturbances, large groups, parties and more?

The development process of Alertify’s room-monitoring solutions was rooted in addressing real-world challenges faced by hoteliers, property managers and hosts. We recognized the need for a comprehensive monitoring system that goes beyond traditional solutions while maintaining guest privacy.

Our devices are equipped with advanced sensors capable of detecting various activities, such as smoking, vaping, noise disturbances, and large gatherings. Alertify has advanced PM sensors that actively measure PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. This fine particulate matter is indicative of poor air quality and indoor smoking. The technology employs intelligent algorithms to analyze decibel levels without recording sound to recognize noise violations. The device uses infrared technology to ping surrounding smart devices in order to establish when groups gather.

The active monitoring system is designed to provide real-time alerts when custom-determined thresholds are exceeded. Whether it’s a noisy gathering or someone violating smoking policies, hoteliers and property managers will receive instant notifications via text or email. This proactive approach empowers management to take swift action, maintain a peaceful environment, and ensure the safety and satisfaction of all guests. Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement drives the effectiveness of Alertify’s room-monitoring solutions.

How does Alertify help hotels, property managers and short-term rental operators save money and protect themselves from disruptive guests and tenants?

Alertify plays a pivotal role in helping hotels, property managers, and short-term rental operators save money and safeguard their properties from disruptive guests and tenants. Our room-monitoring solutions are designed to offer multiple layers of protection and operational efficiency.

Firstly, by actively monitoring for potential issues like noise disturbances, indoor smoking, and large gatherings, Alertify helps prevent costly damages to the property. By intervening before disturbances escalate, we reduce the need for extensive repairs and cleaning, minimizing operational expenses.

Secondly, our comprehensive incident reports serve as valuable documentation. In the unfortunate event of disruptive incidents, these reports provide clear evidence that can be used to address disputes, chargebacks, or legal matters. This not only protects the property’s financial interests but also streamlines dispute resolution, saving both time and money.

Moreover, our upcoming Welcome Link guest screening feature ensures a secure check-in process, reducing the risk of fraudulent bookings, property damage, and unauthorized events. This proactive approach minimizes the potential for revenue loss and operational disruptions.

Can you share some examples of how Alertify has enhanced property security and improved the guest experience?

Of course. Alertify has made significant strides in enhancing property security and elevating the guest experience. One notable example involves noise disturbances. By actively monitoring noise levels in real-time, Alertify allows managers to address potential issues promptly, preventing disturbances from escalating and ensuring a peaceful environment for all guests. This has led to a substantial reduction in noise-related complaints and an overall improvement in guest satisfaction.

Another impactful instance is our upcoming Welcome Link guest screening feature. This tool empowers hoteliers and property managers to verify reservation details, conduct robust ID and payment verifications, and customize screening questions. By implementing these thorough checks, Alertify helps prevent fraudulent bookings, unauthorized events, and other security concerns. Guests, in turn, feel more secure, informed, and confident in their accommodations, contributing to a positive guest experience.

Furthermore, our Guest Alert feature automates communication when rule violations are detected, offering a seamless and responsive interaction with guests. Whether it’s addressing noise concerns or indoor smoking incidents, this proactive communication not only resolves issues swiftly but also demonstrates a commitment to guest well-being, fostering a positive and trusting relationship.

Can you share some insights into the cost of preventable problems like noise complaints and indoor smoking in hotels? How does Alertify help in preventing these problems?

Preventable problems like noise complaints and indoor smoking incidents can incur substantial costs for hotels. Alertify plays a pivotal role in mitigating these challenges, providing a proactive approach to prevent such issues.

Noise complaints can lead to negative reviews, compensation requests, and even eviction in severe cases. The financial impact includes potential compensation payouts, loss of future bookings, and the resources required to address complaints. According to a survey by WPS, noise is the number one complaint among travelers. A Trip Advisor survey found that over 30% of people have experienced noise during a hotel stay, while 86% of guests would not recommend a hotel after a negative noise-related experience.

Alertify’s real-time noise monitoring actively detects disturbances. By setting customized thresholds, property managers receive instant alerts when noise levels exceed acceptable limits. This allows for prompt intervention, preventing issues from escalating and ensuring a peaceful environment for all guests

Indoor smoking can result in damage to furniture, walls, and linens, necessitating extensive cleaning and odor removal. The room may need to be taken out of commission for days or weeks, leading to a direct loss of revenue. Research by FreshAir revealed that the typical expense associated with each smoking incident in a U.S. hotel surpasses $1,100 on average. This isn’t even taking into account the impact of negative reviews which can damage the hotel’s online reputation, resulting in a potential loss of future bookings.

Alertify’s sensors actively monitor for smoking and vaping in real time. Immediate notifications allow hoteliers to address smoking incidents swiftly. This prevents prolonged damage, minimizes cleaning costs, and protects the hotel’s reputation.

Can you tell us more about the features of the Alertify device? How do the real-time notifications from Alertify work? Can you explain how the Dashboard and Analytics feature of Alertify helps property managers?

The Alertify device actively monitors for temperature violations, noise disturbances, smoking, and large groups or parties. When a violation is detected, the device sends instant notifications in real-time to designated channels, such as the hotelier’s phone, email, or both. This ensures swift awareness and allows for immediate intervention.

The Alertify Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the property’s activities. It serves as a centralized hub for monitoring and managing guest violations. Hoteliers can monitor live data values related to noise, smoking, temperature, CO2 and other parameters in their units at any time. This real-time insight enables proactive management and quick response to emerging issues. The Dashboard allows hoteliers to view both current and past guest violations. This historical data is invaluable for tracking patterns, analyzing trends, and addressing recurring issues.

Alertify generates detailed incident and violation reports, providing a clear and objective overview of each occurrence. These reports include essential details such as the time, location, and individuals involved. Analytics derived from the reports offer valuable insights that empower hoteliers to make informed decisions. It facilitates data-backed strategies for optimizing hotel management, guest satisfaction, and security.

How do the After Incident Reports help in the event of guest disputes or fraudulent chargebacks?

The After Incident Reports generated by Alertify play a pivotal role in assisting property managers and hosts during guest disputes or in the face of fraudulent chargebacks.  The After Incident Reports provide a detailed account of incidents, including specific information such as the time, location, and individuals involved. This comprehensive documentation ensures that property managers have a clear and factual record of the events leading to the dispute or chargeback.

The reports create an objective record of incidents, reducing the risk of misinformation or subjective interpretations. This objective record serves as a reliable reference point, aiding in fair and impartial assessments of the situation. When disputes arise, property managers and hoteliers can use the detailed reports to present a factual and unbiased narrative of the incident. This objective documentation acts as valuable evidence, facilitating smoother and more efficient dispute resolution processes. In cases of fraudulent chargebacks, where guests dispute legitimate charges, the After Incident Reports serve as a crucial line of defense. The reports provide tangible proof of the incident, helping property managers defend their charges and mitigate potential financial losses.

Transparent and well-documented reports contribute to the credibility of property managers and hoteliers. By having access to detailed incident reports, property managers can demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability. The data-backed defense provided by the After Incident Reports adds a layer of reliability to the overall defense strategy. Property managers can leverage these reports to counter fraudulent claims with concrete evidence, reinforcing their position in the dispute.

Can you share some details about the integration of Alertify with PMS software? How does this integration enhance the functionality of Alertify?

Alertify’s integration with Property Management System (PMS) software is crucial for enhancing its functionality and delivering a seamless solution for property managers. Real-Time Data Sync ensures instant synchronization of data between Alertify and PMS, reflecting updates across reservations, guest information, and property status. Automated Guest Screening streamlines the guest screening process through Welcome Link by automating reservation verifications, ID checks, and payment validations within the PMS environment.

Customizable Screening Questions enables property managers to customize screening questions in the PMS, tailoring the process to specific standards and property requirements. Efficient Communication enhances communication by automating tenant alerts, notifications, and follow-ups for rule violations through the PMS. Streamlined Guest Management provides a unified interface within the PMS for managing guest information, reservations, and screening processes, reducing the need to switch between systems. Data Insights and Reporting allows for comprehensive reporting and data insights from the PMS dashboard, offering analytics on guest behavior, incidents, and property performance.

Congrats on the recognition Alertify recently received at the CES 2024 Innovation Awards. How does this recognition reflect Alertify’s commitment to advancing the field of property monitoring and management technology?

Thank you for your acknowledgment. The recognition we received at the CES 2024 Innovation Awards is a testament to Alertify’s unwavering commitment to advancing the field of property monitoring and management technology. This accolade reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation, developing cutting-edge solutions, and setting new standards in the industry.

By earning recognition at such a prestigious event, Alertify showcases its ability to bring revolutionary and forward-thinking technology to the forefront. The CES 2024 Innovation Awards highlight our commitment to excellence, pushing us to continually evolve and refine our offerings. We are proud that our advancements in property monitoring technology have been acknowledged on a global stage, reinforcing our commitment to providing property managers with the most advanced, efficient, and reliable tools for success.

This recognition energizes our team to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in property management technology. We are excited to build upon this success and remain dedicated to delivering solutions that redefine the landscape of property monitoring and management

How does Alertify’s innovation align with the current trends in the property management industry?

First off, Alertify recognizes the growing importance of technology integration in property management. Our integrations with Property Management Systems (PMS) ensures property managers and hoteliers can harness the power of comprehensive monitoring within their existing technological ecosystem.

The property management industry is increasingly focused on elevating guest experiences. Alertify contributes to this trend by providing tools like Welcome Link’s guest screening and Guest Alerts. These features enhance security, streamline check-in processes, and automate communication, ultimately creating a positive and secure environment for guests.

Alertify’s automation features streamline various property management processes, from guest screening to incident reporting. Automation is a prevailing trend in the industry, as it reduces manual workload, enhances efficiency, and allows property managers to focus on their daily duties.

The property management landscape is evolving toward data-driven decision-making. Alertify’s Dashboard and Analytics feature provides valuable insights into guest behavior, incidents, and overall property performance. This aligns perfectly with the industry’s shift towards leveraging data for more informed and strategic management.

With the rise in concerns about security and risk management, Alertify addresses these challenges head-on. Our real-time monitoring for issues like noise disturbances, indoor smoking, and large groups helps hoteliers and property managers mitigate potential problems swiftly, aligning with the industry’s focus on proactive risk mitigation.

Can you tell us more about your plans for 2024? How does Alertify plan to expand its offering in the future? And big happenings on the horizon you can share with us?

In 2024, Alertify has exciting plans to expand its offerings and continue innovating in the field of property monitoring and management. One significant development on the horizon is the release of our much-anticipated Welcome Link guest screening feature to the public. This new addition will further empower property managers and hoteliers by providing advanced tools for guest verification, ensuring a secure and seamless check-in process. With Welcome Link, hoteliers can enhance security with ID and payment verifications, customize screening questions, and receive comprehensive insights into arriving guests.

Additionally, Alertify aims to strengthen its position as a leader in the industry by exploring new avenues for technology integration and introducing cutting-edge solutions. We are committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends, aligning our innovations with the evolving needs of property managers, short-term rental hosts, and hoteliers. As we move forward, Alertify remains dedicated to providing comprehensive and user-friendly solutions that not only address current challenges but also anticipate future demands in the dynamic landscape of property management.