IRIS Launches New Mobile Ordering Features to Help Hotel Operators Unlock Upsell and Revenue Potential

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The new functionality will enable operators to take a more dynamic, flexible approach to managing their menus, introducing seasonal menus or daily specials, and maximizing popular items at key times.

IRIS, a global leader in digital ordering for the hospitality industry, today announces a suite of new features which are now available across its mobile ordering platform. Each one has been developed to positively impact operational efficiency and revenue for hotel operators at the back end, whilst at the same time enhancing the guest experience to encourage orders and loyalty at the front end. 

New UI for Back End

Operators running multiple sites and outlets face a time-consuming challenge: creating, updating, and maintaining menus and guest directory items, to ensure content is always up-to-date and accurate. This complexity extends across individual venues, departments, and even group-wide operations. Recognising the need for a more efficient approach, IRIS has upgraded the functionality and UI within the back end of its app to enable operators to now update menu and guest directory items simply and efficiently. 

Now users can create or amend a section (i.e. breakfast), category (i.e. pastries), and item (i.e. croissant) in just one convenient page. Even better, once an item has been created, it is now easier and quicker for operators to add modifiers or hide/display the item as and when required.

The same approach applies for guest directory items. For example, local services or attractions which can also be uploaded and modified centrally.

For both F&B and guest directory, operators have the option to upload more images to not only save time but enhance guest appeal, overcoming the challenge often presented by language barriers. Many operators report guests find images more compelling and are more likely to respond by placing an order, compared to text listings. Adopting a more image-led approach to menu displays, whether for F&B or directory items, is key to delivering increasing orders and spend as well as boosting profit margins. 

The new functionality will enable operators to take a more dynamic, flexible approach to managing their menus, introducing seasonal menus or daily specials, and maximizing popular items at key times. This is in addition to highlighting items as popular, recommended by the Chef or as a special to enhance the guest’s experience, so they can enjoy more variety and choice according to their own preferences.

It will also be supported by a reporting function to deliver greater visibility on what items are selling when and by which outlet, so operators can take a more informed approach to managing future menus and F&B and guest directory strategies. 

Re-order and upselling

In addition to an enhanced back-end functionality, the two new re-order and upsell features have also been launched to deliver a more frictionless and personalized dining experience for guests that also delivers more orders and revenue for operators. 

Via the new “Order Again” button, guests can quickly and easily reinstate all the items from a previous order back into their cart for a quick, fuss-free and complete re-order that saves time and can be completed quickly, without the need to wait for a member of staff or run the risk of mistakes.  

Likewise, the “Related Items Categories” feature has also been built with the same ethos of equipping and enabling operators with the functionality to reduce pressure on staff and maximise each and every revenue opportunity. Operators can now include additional suggestions for nominated menu items. For example, a choice of red wines or side dishes to accompany a steak, so that guests can see at a glance how best to complement and enhance their meal and, critically for operators, increase their order size. 

These features can also include discount codes along with allergen aspects eg dairy free, for complete transparency to again enhance the guest experience and build trust. 

Martin Daniel Voštiar, B&F Coordinator, W Barcelona, comments: “It is the functionality of the new UI that holds the strongest appeal. In particular the Guest Directory and Food & Beverage buttons. They make the process much more intuitive and easy to understand how the individual parts interact with each other, which has made implementing it across our operations and our team simple and straightforward.”

David Molofsky, Product Manager at IRIS, adds: “Mobile tech has become an essential tool in hospitality, fueled by surging guest demand for mobile-first experiences. Operators must now deliver a dynamic, engaging experience that offers choice, convenience, and exceptional service – all while ensuring their mobile ordering solutions are agile, optimise operations, and unlock upsell and revenue potential.

“Many clients report that whilst room rates and occupancy rates are approaching peak levels, there is now pressure on other departments to increase revenue and average guest spend to drive profitability across the board. F&B is an incredibly important revenue stream for operators, so ensuring it is working at its full potential is critical. The new range of features have been designed to enable operators to realize their revenue ambitions beyond room rates – and are already delivering impressive results.” 

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