JARO Hotels Improves Employee Communications Using Maestro PMS Integration with RoomChecking

Today, six JARO Hotels across Canada are live with RoomChecking and Maestro’s integrations.

Maestro PMS, the leader in cloud hosted, private cloud and on-premise property-management systems for independent hotels and luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals, and multi-property groups, has partnered with RoomChecking, a hospitality software provider who has aggregated every aspect of operations and communication into a digital platform that can be accessed from anywhere on property. Through integration with Maestro, RoomChecking allows hoteliers to simplify housekeeping operations, identify priorities, and maximize operational efficiency, all while creating a more positive working environment for hotel associates.

“Maestro’s integration with RoomChecking addresses several of the communications challenges facing hotel operators today, from improving housekeeping efficiency to more effective crisis management notification,” said Warren Dehan, president of Maestro. “Together with RoomChecking’s impactful suite of communications tools, and Maestro’s best-in-class property-management capabilities, we are providing yet another way for our hotel partners to remain in control of their property, despite having fewer hands on deck.”

Operating a hotel today can be a challenge due to limited available labor and rising guest expectations. To deliver a positive guest experience, operators must embrace new methods of communication between different hotel departments. As a result, Maestro is continuing to invest in integrations that allow hoteliers to provide more control over their properties by giving individual workers greater access to information.

Using RoomChecking, hotel operators can control everything from maintenance to housekeeping priorities, employee scheduling, guestroom management, and more. The system allows individual workers to flag necessary tasks and problems, such as maintenance issues or priority guests who require additional service. This platform is also invaluable for crisis management and time-sensitive messages, thanks to its ability to push messages from one department to another in a moment’s notice.

RoomChecking also collects data and logs from communications and can analyze this data over the long term to discern trends capable of improving operational efficiency. By examining this data, hotels can discern which areas of the hotel need additional attention and even diagnose chronic issues such as HVAC maintenance or Wi-Fi dead zones.

Working Together at JARO Hotels

RoomChecking enables hotel workers to take ownership over different aspects of hotel operations, particularly thanks to its access to the cloud, and integrations with Maestro’s leading PMS. These integrations make the technology fast and simple to roll out in an active hotel environment without interrupting operations. Today, six JARO Hotels across Canada are live with RoomChecking and Maestro’s integrations.

“RoomChecking has been a WOW for our housekeeping and maintenance team,” said Nadine Bolduc, General Manager at JARO Hotel Plaza Québec. “This program is the most accurate for communication between departments. Without RoomChecking and Maestro, our team would be lost. This technology should be in place in every hotel.”

Thibaut Godicheau, Ambassador at RoomChecking, had this to say: “Running a hotel can be difficult but communicating in a hotel environment doesn’t have to be. I have seen many housekeeping and maintenance workers run from one corner of a hotel to another as they try to get a handle on each crisis after it arises, and we founded RoomChecking to prevent situations like these from ruining the hotel experience for both guests and workers. We are excited to partner with Maestro and deliver these capabilities to more operators across Canada and return agency to hoteliers everywhere.”

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