WooHoo Joins Forces with Bondai to Offer Hotel Guests Personalized Tours and Experiences via Its In-Room AI Assistants

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With WooHoo® technologies integrated with Bondai, hotel guests can now directly order tours and experience packages along with food & beverages, toiletries, etc. among other interactions through a simple voice or touch command.

WooHoo, the leading provider of In-Room AI-Assistants for Hospitality, is collaborating with Bondai to offer personalized tours and experience on the WooHoo® X-Series In-Room AI Assistants. Hotel guests can now explore and buy Bondai’s tours and experience packages directly from the convenience of their rooms. The MoU signing ceremony was held at the Saudi Tourism Forum ( STF) event in Riyadh on 14th March, 2023

WooHoo® is a Silicon Valley-based solution provider and the developer of WooHoo® X-Series, an award-winning enterprise-grade voice AI assistant speaker for the luxury hospitality industry. The WooHoo® Voice AI Assistant speakers (powered by Sound by JBL) combine a phone, alarm clock, speakers, tablets and voice assistant into an all-in-one device and brings the convenience of contactless in-room ordering and automation using just voice commands.

With a completely customizable interface, including preferred wake words, hotels can now personalize their branding and engagement. Guests can also use the multi-lingual touch commands to make requests, phone calls and check F&B menu digitally directly on the WooHoo® device. It is integrated with more than 40 hospitality technology solutions, including property management systems, in-room automation, housekeeping, point of sales systems, and PBX.

Bondai is Saudi’s largest marketplace for tours and experiences. Today, travelers can book from 1,000+ curated tourism experiences in KSA, Oman, Jordan, Qatar & Egypt. The company empowers over 230 local tour operators, DMCs, and guides by exposing their products to global networks (e.g., on Expedia), making their operations easier using our technology, and working with organizations to provide bespoke experiences for their staff and their customer networks.

“We are happy to be collaborating with Silicon Valley company like  WooHoo® to offer personalized tours and experiences to hotels and their guests that enhances the guest experience and elevates the concierge services. Guests coming to Saudi can now confidently and conveniently explore and select tour and experiences to their favorite destinations or explore new places” said Saria, Founder and CEO of Bondai. “We want the guests to safely book and reserve experiences while they are visiting the beautiful Saudi Arabia”

“We are excited to collaborate with Bondai, the leading  provider of tours and experience in Saudi,” said Himanshu Kaul, Chief Innovation Officer at WooHoo. “With a huge number of tourists coming into Saudi, there is a big demand from tourists to visit new destination and explore new places. With Bondai, guests can now use WooHoo devices to safely and conveniently order these experiences from their Hotel Rooms and delivered directly to their phones. This further elevates the guest experience at these luxury hotels.”

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