Stayntouch Launches Attribute-Based-Selling and Dynamic Pricing Solution to Help Hotels Maximize Revenue

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UpsellPRO enables hotels to unbundle room reservations and market individual room features to guests during the booking process.
Stayntouch, a global leader in cloud hotel property management systems (PMS) and guest-centric technology, unveiled UpsellPRO, an advanced upselling tool designed to expand and maximize revenue opportunities for hotels. Powered by Attribute-Based Selling (ABS) and dynamic pricing, UpsellPRO enables hotels to unbundle room reservations and market individual room features to guests during the booking process. UpsellPRO is available as a built-in product within the Stayntouch PMS, dramatically building on the company’s existing upselling capabilities.

Hotel guests continue to be challenged and hampered by rising costs and the limitations of legacy technologies, which limit control over their room purchases and bookings. According to a 2021 joint report released by Stayntouch and the NYU Tisch Center of Hospitality, 68 percent of travelers believe ABS would provide clarity when booking a hotel, with 46 percent willing to pay more to select their preferred room attributes. In addition to delivering ABS without fundamentally altering the existing hotel distribution model, UpsellPRO provides the functionality for travelers to pick and choose their preferred features and services during their stay while also offering hotels new avenues to drive ancillary and room revenue.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Instant availability, dynamic pricing, and easy onboarding and deployment—UpsellPRO automatically prices features to maximize conversions, so hotels do not need to set prices manually. Once easily activated within the Stayntouch PMS, UpsellPRO operates within a hotel’s existing room category-centric inventory model.
  • Increased revenue and conversions—ABS drives up to a 23-percent increase in upsell revenue through attractive upsell options at a variety of price points, empowering guests to personalize their stay and maximizing revenue for hotels within each room category. Attribute-based upsell options may include features such as ocean views, hardwood floors or special check-in services. Prices are automated and vary based on demand.
  • A hyper-personalized guest experience—Allows guests to choose room setup, add ancillary services and opt for early check-in or an extended stay to tailor their on-property experience. Using existing room categories and hotel inventory models, hotel operators can implement ABS strategies without additional technology investments.
  • Automated mobile and kiosk-based upsell and cross-sell offers—Delivers automated offers for room upgrades, amenities and monetized early check-in/late check-out directly accessible via a guest’s smartphone or the hotel’s welcome kiosk.
  • Real-time consumer and performance data—Provides nuanced information about guests’ room preferences and price sensitivity. Hotels can use ABS data to further analyze their performance over time and understand the value and demand behind each of their attributes, services or amenities.

Dan Hogan, chief product officer, Stayntouch, said: “We are excited to unveil Stayntouch UpsellPRO to the hospitality industry as the latest in our suite of defining technology. ABS will change how travelers interact with hotels and will contribute to the evolution of our industry by giving guests more control, a greater variety of options, and improved visibility over their stay before they finish booking. For our hotel partners, ABS will drive new revenue opportunities as it perfectly suits properties with diverse offerings and helps support seamless operations. UpsellPRO further establishes Stayntouch as the most flexible, scalable and easy-to-use technology suite.”

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