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Why Hotels Need Next-Generation Swimming Pool Water Management Technology

The fact that hotels need to strive for excellence in their swimming pool water management practices — above and beyond simply complying with all regulatory standards — cannot be overstated. It is a non-negotiable aspect […]

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While More Hotels are Turning to Green Technology for Sustainable Operations, the Industry Still Has a Long Way to Go

Today is Earth Day 2024 and the good news is that hotels globally are increasingly adopting green technology solutions to enhance sustainability. This shift is not only driven by the increasing awareness of environmental issues […]

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How Hotel Technology Integration Can Improve Environmental Sustainability While Enhancing the Guest Experience

Sustainability is a driving force in the hospitality industry, influencing the decisions of both guests and hoteliers. From energy-saving initiatives to digital communication strategies and paperless processes, hotels are implementing various eco-friendly practices to enhance […]

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How Embedded Payment Processing Benefits Both Hotels and Guests

The hotel payment processing experience is ready for a shakeup. Improving payment processing in hotels has been a major barrier for independent operators, and yet the closer payment processes are to a business’ core systems, […]

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How Outdated Legacy Systems Can Limit Your Hotel’s Revenue Potential

Despite its fast pace, the hospitality industry has a reputation for being resistant to change when it comes to updating platforms and processes. Many hotels continue to rely on outdated legacy systems that may have […]