RateGain Launches New Tool for Eliminating Variances in Rates and Availability Across OTAs

The tool is geared toward use by corporate chains, enabling them to better combat the growing rate parity issues they face.

RateGain Technologies, a provider of hotel revenue management solutions, this week announced the launch of its new self-service Rate Parity+ tool. The tool is geared toward use by corporate chains, to enable them to better combat the growing rate parity issues they face in today’s complex, multichannel booking environment.

To be sure, many hotels face the challenge of establishing parity in pricing structure for their inventory and ensuring that there is no variance in rates and availability across any of the OTAs and brand site. The Parity+ tool is designed to address that challenge, by collecting aggregates and presenting extensive data and insights covering key metrics like parity score, win-loss ratio, severity heat map on region, countries and city level, allowing hoteliers to establish and maintain guaranteed best rates across all platforms.

According to the London-based solution provider, which has a strong presence in India and a worldwide customer base, an important goal is to eliminate the complexity that often arises with manual interpretation of large amounts of data  and accountability from multiple hotels. The new tool provides a two-way interactive reporting platform to help ensure that all the teams across the hotel are working together to address any rate parity issues that may arise.

The new platform capability compliments the company’s other core hospitality solutions, including RevGain, a price optimization solution, RezGain, a channel management solution, BrandGain, a guest satisfaction and online reputation management solution, and PriceGain-Air, a cloud-based price intelligence channel management tool.

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