React Mobile Secures $6 Million Through Strategic Partnership to Expand Its Hotel Safety Solutions and Reach New Markets

Together, React Mobile and Brady will seek to jointly develop new solutions that help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance to further their shared mission of promoting employee safety.
By HTN Staff - 5.26.2020

Hospitality technology solution provider React Mobile has raised $6 million in funding through a new strategic partnership with publicly traded Brady Corporation. Founded in 2013, React Mobile is a global leader in providing panic button solutions for hotels. Together, React Mobile and Brady will seek to jointly develop new solutions that help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance to further their shared mission of promoting employee safety within and beyond the hotel sector.

Founded in 2011, the React Mobile’s operations center around a simple, but impactful core belief: Everyone should feel safe at all times – even at work. Since then, React Mobile has emerged as a leader in helping hoteliers meet newly heightened staff safety standards with the provision of best-in-class employee safety devices. The company currently works with more than 300 hotels, deploying more than 50,000 panic buttons.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and founded in 1914, Brady ranks as one of the oldest and most successful privately-controlled family businesses in the United States. The company manufactures solutions “that identify and protect people, products and places.” As of last year, the company employed approximately 6,100 people in its worldwide businesses. Brady’s fiscal 2019 sales were approximately $1.16 billion. The stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BRC.

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“This strategic partnership with Brady is a force multiplier that will enable React Mobile products to reach new verticals where our safety solutions can make a massive impact towards making the world a safer place,” said Robb Monkman, React Mobile CEO. “As we leverage Brady’s infrastructure, our installation capabilities will grow exponentially, from installing 30 sites per month to more than 100. This investment solidifies our financial stability and enables us to support hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide.”

React Mobile’s best-in-class safety platform helps businesses keep their employees safe. Their system enables management to deploy resources to the exact location of an emergency within seconds of an alert, getting help to where it is needed fast. The React Mobile platform utilizes GPS geolocation and Bluetooth beacon technology to provide unparalleled accuracy to locate an employee in distress. The company reportedly has the largest hotel customer base of any panic button technology.

In 2018, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), along with more than 25 hotel brands representing more than 18,000 properties, pledged to to make hotel employee safety a priority by providing hotel employees across the U.S. with employee safety devices. This was part of a groundbreaking initiative called the 5-Star Promise.

The program requires that participating hotels deploy new standards to help enhance the safety and security of hotel workers. The program has also served to shine a light on the need for government organizations to put legislative measures in place, resulting in a spike in demand for hotel security products, including electronic panic buttons and wearable safety devices such as those offered by React Mobile.

Earlier this year, the company launched three new products: the Stand-Alone LTE Panic Button, the Sidekick, and the BLE 5.0 Beacon. The Stand-Alone LTE device offers hotels an all-in-one solution capable of protecting employees both on and off property without the need for a tethered smart device. The Sidekick, on the other hand, is designed to pair with company-issued mobile devices to provide a truly seamless safety solution for the mobile workforce. And lastly, the BLE beacon device is designed to be a discreet, easy-to-conceal device that allows our safety platform to deliver precise room level location accuracy indoors in multi-story buildings.

Brady offers a combination of software, services, and integrated solutions designed to help businesses build, manage and maintain world-class safety and asset management programs. Brady’s products include high-performance labels, signs, safety devices, printing systems and software. The company has a diverse customer base in electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, medical, aerospace and a variety of other industries.

“Brady and React Mobile are synergistic companies that build solutions for a smarter, connected world,” said Michael Nauman, Brady President and CEO. “Like Brady, React Mobile’s panic button solutions outperform their competition, and both companies are dedicated to solving customers’ problems and making their operations more efficient and effective. Our financial support combined with React Mobile’s hospitality domain expertise will enable each to execute their visions and exceed growth projections more rapidly and broadly.”