Success Stories

Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa Deploys Oracle Cloud for Streamlined Operations

Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa, a luxury destination in Canton, Ohio is expanding its business with Oracle Cloud. Using Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Property Management System (PMS) and MICROS Simphony Cloud Point-of-Sale (POS), Gervasi has consolidated its operations on […]

Success Stories

BWH Hotel Group Integrates Its Central Reservation System with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud PMS

BWH Hotel Group, one of the world’s largest hotel companies, is the first to integrate its central reservation system (CRS) with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud property management system (PMS) through the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform. This makes it […]

Spotlight Interviews

Spotlight Interview: Alex Alt, General Manager of Oracle Hospitality

Alex Alt was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Oracle Hospitality Global Business Unit last November. He previously spent most of his professional career in travel and hospitality, working for owners, operators […]

Success Stories

More Global Hotel Brands Select Oracle Cloud Hospitality Solutions to Improve Operations and the Guest Experience

Hoteliers know they must deliver exceptional experiences to keep guests happy and loyal. To do so, hospitality brands are choosing Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud services to personalize guest experiences, offer new and innovative services and […]