More Hotels Are Using the MAPP Report from myDigitalOffice to Make Data-driven Decisions During the Market Recovery

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In a matter of weeks, this free resource has garnered the attention of nearly 200 groups, representing over 15,000 hotels worldwide.

myDigitalOffice, the information management and back-office automation platform for hotels, recently launched the MAPP report (Market Analytics, Pace, and Performance), a free data analytics tool that enables hoteliers to identify forward-looking bookings pace and performance trends across their hotels and their respective markets, and visualize market recovery in real-time.

In a matter of weeks, this free resource has garnered the attention of nearly 200 groups, representing over 15,000 hotels worldwide.

”The speed at which our industry is adopting this tool has far exceeded our expectations,” said Ali Moloo, founder and CEO of myDigitalOffice. “It validates our own, and our customers’ beliefs in the value and mission of the MAPP report.”

Since the fallout from COVID-19 began to unfold in North America, myDigitalOffice’s globally dispersed team collaborated to develop and deliver these reporting capabilities to help accelerate market recovery and support the continuity of the hospitality industry.

Leveraging data from the MAPP report, in the following charts, myDigitalOffice reported occupancy and ADR for the July 4th holiday weekend, as of each week dating back to 5/21. Then, as of Monday July 6, the report shows what actually happened.

This data further illustrates the recent phenomenon in our industry of shorter-than-normal booking windows. The data below shows that in the final few days leading up to the weekend, hotel occupancy in the state of Florida jumped by nearly 10%. Additionally, while occupancy steadily climbed each week, rates slowly decreased.

The MAPP report provides a guide to help hoteliers navigate today’s uncharted landscape. By leveraging forward-looking, aggregated, and anonymized hotel and market-level bookings pace and performance metrics, hoteliers are enabled to make more strategic, future data-driven business decisions much sooner.

Powerful integrations also allow users to access their own portfolio data instantly, eliminating hours of manual data manipulation and analysis. With the combination of hoteliers’ own portfolio data and broader market business on the books, the MAPP report provides critical information for benchmarking and identifying future demand trends to visualize market recovery in real-time.

The more hotels that participate in this report, the richer and more valuable the data set becomes to hoteliers and to the broader industry, especially in times of recovery. Hoteliers can help the industry during these challenging times while setting themselves up for success with future business on the books data by opting into the MAPP report. To get started, please click here.

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