IRIS Unveils F&B Solutions to Enhance the Guest Experience, Drive Operational Effectiveness and Boost Hotel Revenues

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The new Split Bill functionality makes light work of settling group bills. Now guests will have the opportunity to split a bill across multiple devices and pay individually.

IRIS, a global leader in digital ordering for the hospitality industry, has launch a number of new features to supercharge hotel’s ordering and payment capabilities and deliver a more personalised user experience.

According to the findings of the 2022 report by Oracle and Skift, “Hospitality in 2025: Automated, Intelligent…and More Personal” the majority of hoteliers (81%) expect to see a strong shift in the service model. In reality this means an increase in guest demand for operators to adopt mobile-first technology that offers choice and convenience.

With this in mind, IRIS’s new features will enable hospitality operators to realize their operational and revenue potential at a time when inflation and recruitment continue to present challenges.

New search and filter function for allergens

For both guests and operators, navigating and managing menus to cater for allergens, intolerances, and preferences can be time consuming and in the case of allergies, life-threatening at times, if due diligence is not paid.

The new search and filter function has been built to mitigate this by enabling guests to personalise their menu choices and refine available items based on their specific dietary requirements. For international operators, the filter options will accommodate and display commonly recognised emoji graphics to help ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Any changes made to the F&B items’ attributes will be automatically picked up by the filter function without requiring any further steps, making it easy for staff to make updates and ensure allergen information is always accurate.

Clear pricing display so guests can order what they want

The new menu display enables operators to accommodate items with multiple prices. Ideal for wine lists, it allows hotels to display both glass and bottle prices on a single item to provide greater choice for guests. Previously they would either have a single price and need to be two separate items, or have the price quoted as “from”. Now operators have the option to build and manage their own digital wine lists which can also be used with the IRIS Flat Menu layout, removing the need for a physical menu.

Split bill feature to ease group bill settlements

The new Split Bill functionality makes light work of settling group bills. It has been developed to build on IRIS’s Open Tab feature that allows guests to run a tab with multiple rounds on, then pay with a single transaction at the end.

Now guests (who are all ordering on the same tab) will have the opportunity to split a bill across multiple devices and pay individually. Each guest inputs the amount they wish to pay, sets their own tip amount individually, pays by card, and receives an email receipt.

From an operational perspective, staff will be provided with a clear breakdown of how much each guest has paid. This allows staff to pull up the tab according to the table number or room and track the outstanding balance as each person pays.

Guests will also be able to see how much has been paid by each person in the Order History, making it easy to split amongst large groups.

Call wait staff to deliver a swifter service

The new Call Wait Staff function offers greater efficiency for staff and delivers superior service for guests.

Once settled at a table, guests have the option to call for a member of staff via the Call Wait Staff button on the app. A ticket receipt is then delivered to the kitchen or till to notify staff that a guest requires assistance and gives their location. The real benefit is delivering an efficient approach to service so that wait staff walking the floor are doing so to meet a direct guest need – and not on the floor or waiting in busy pool areas unnecessarily when they are not needed. As a result, wait times are reduced and guests benefit from a swifter service.

Grocery ordering to enrich the guest stay

This new feature has been built to enable guests to pre-order groceries and toiletries in advance of their stay. This enables operators to tap into the all-important second wallet ahead of a guest’s arrival. Perfect for self-catering guests to stock up their villa or to order flowers and champagne to the honeymoon suite.

From an operational perspective, management teams can set a minimum notice period required for advance orders so that they can be delivered efficiently. Likewise, lists similar to the search and filter function can be edited in line with dietary requirements and allergies.

This feature can also be implemented across departments to include catering or IT requests such as AV equipment or projectors for large conferences and the MICE market.

“The capabilities and value that mobile ordering offers continues to grow apace as operators and guests recognise its benefits, said David Molofsky, Product Manager at IRIS. “These features focus specifically on improving staff efficiencies and personalising the guest experience. Whether that’s reducing the need for physical staff presence, providing guests with clear answers to common questions, or making it easier to manage bills and payments, our goal is to provide F&B ordering solutions that satisfy the guest’s needs and add value to their stay. The need to leverage efficiencies and maximise revenue opportunities is also significant, and each of these new features will fulfil these requirements and exceed operator expectations.”

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