Spotlight Interviews

Spotlight Interview: Charlie Osmond, Founder, Triptease

Charlie Osmond is the founder and “Chief Tease” of Triptease. The Triptease Platform is designed to identify a hotel’s most valuable guests, then work across the entire customer journey, from acquisition to conversion, to personalize […]


Key Takeaways From the Direct Booking Summit

With over 360 attendees, the Direct Booking Summit, which took place October 22-23 in Miami, Florida, exceeded all expectations with an outstanding lineup of speakers, putting a spotlight on the biggest challenges facing hotels of […]

Data and Analytics

Solving the Puzzle of Conversion Attribution

Measuring the impact of each touchpoint of a conversion can be tricky – the disjoined data from hotel systems and channels makes it hard to know where exactly to allocate your marketing budget. As a […]

Channel Management

“Without Rate Parity, You Better Stay Away from Metasearch!” A Discussion with Jan Sammeck of Deutsche Hospitality

TRIPTEASE recently talked with Jan Sammeck, Director of eCommerce at Deutsche Hospitality and author of Online Marketing for Hotels, about the steps hotels can take to build an efficient long-term spending strategy on metasearch in […]