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Partner Content Announces Holiday Discounts on the World’s Most Exquisite Timepieces for Luxury Hotels and Resorts, the leading distributor of exquisite clocks to luxury hotels and resorts, today announced holiday discounts with price savings of up to 65 percent on select timepieces, including grandfather clocks (such as the Hermle Gabriella […]

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Grandfather Clocks: Standing the Test of Time

Needing to know the time is the worst possible reason one might have for buying a grandfather clock. A grandfather clock has almost nothing to do with telling time (even though these key-wound mechanical clocks […]

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Hotel Clock: Anstead Grandfather Clock by Hermle

Exquisite clocks have always been a central feature of upscale hotels. In fact, the original grandfather clock referred to a floor clock in the lobby of London’s George Hotel. It might be said that no […]

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Hotel Clock: Ferrum Regulator Wall Clock

Manufactured by Hermle, a century-old German company commonly regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious clockmakers, Ferrum Quartz Regulator Wall Clocks are handmade and inscribed with the words “tempus fugit,” meaning “time flies.” The expression serves […]