Property Management Systems

Asking the Right Questions of Hotel PMS Solution Providers

By Debbie Carson, Associate Editor Many of the questions hoteliers would want to ask of hotel technology solution providers during the research and evaluation process are bound to vary, depending on the specific needs and […]

Data and Analytics

Improving the Hotel Guest Experience with Personalization

This following article is adopted from the Starfleet Research study Built for the Cloud: A Blueprint for Hotel Technology Success. It is published here with permission. Hoteliers today are increasingly focused on making their data […]

Data and Analytics

How Business Intelligence Makes Hoteliers Smarter

By Jeff Zabin, Managing Editor When it comes to generating actionable insights and driving continuous performance improvement, the right hotel BI tool can rightly be viewed as a game changer. This is true for two […]

AI / Robots

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Hotels Meet (and Exceed) Guest Expectations

By Jeff Zabin, Managing Editor Note: This article is adapted from the new Starfleet Research study How Artificial Intelligence Enhances the Guest Experience. It is currently available for complimentary access, courtesy of Oracle Hospitality. Hotels […]

Property Management Systems

Why Smart Hoteliers Are Investing in Next-Generation PMS Capabilities

By Jeff Zabin, Managing Editor Guests have always expected star treatment, particularly from hotels in upscale categories. Today those expectations are through the roof. This is evidenced by the fact that guests now expect a […]

hotel robots
Guest Experience Management

Robotic Technology in the Hospitality Industry Set to Shift

By Taylor Welsh, writer/engineer at AX Control From chatbots to robot assistants, the use of robots in the hospitality industry has become more widespread in recent times. The first time robots were used in hotel service […]

Guest Response Solutions

How Text Messaging Improves Hotel Staff Efficiency

When a guest stays at your hotel, you’re not just offering them a room or a place to sleep — you’re providing an experience. Everything from the unique design of your hotel, to the personalized […]