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Marketing & Sales Solutions

A Few Guidelines for Improving Group Sales Management

By Jeff Zabin, Managing Editor Like airplane seats and concert tickets, hotel guest rooms are a perishable commodity. Hotels and resorts do not have the option at the end of the year to hold a […]


What Does Big Data Mean to Hotel Management?

Over the past few years, everything has changed including the way people think and feel about their hotel stays. Whether it is business or leisure, guests expect to have a unique and comfortable experience starting […]

Property Management Systems

Hotel Technologies: Integrating for Success

By Jeff Zabin, Managing Editor Hotel performance improvement depends to a large extent on technology interoperability and data integration. The PMS, the central reservations system (CRS) or channel manager and the revenue management solution all […]

Property Management Systems

Will 2018 be the Year to Upgrade Your Property Management System?

By Debbie Carson, Associate Editor Next-generation property management systems are driving efficiency in hotel operations in unprecedented and extremely valuable ways. For those hotels and resorts that haven’t yet upgraded their technology capabilities, 2018 may […]

Guest Experience Management

4 Ways Texting Will Help Your Hotel This Holiday Season

By Joel Lee, SEO marketing specialist at Trumpia As people bustle to and from destinations for the holidays, don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase the traffic to your hotel. You want to make […]

POS Solutions

Why Hotels are Upgrading Their Restaurant Technologies

By Jeff Zabin, Managing Editor Today, restaurant guest-facing apps are soaring in popularity, automating various types of interactions between diners and restaurants. Self-service kiosks are also gaining ground. These technologies are aimed at reducing friction […]

Property Management Systems

Hotel Property Management Systems: Which Buying Considerations Matter Most?

By Debbie Carson, Associate Editor Hoteliers at different properties will invariably have different requirements and priorities when it comes to PMS buying considerations. That said, there are a number of expectations that hoteliers across the board are […]

Property Management Systems

Why More Hoteliers Are Scrambling to Implement Next-Generation Solutions

By Jeff Zabin, Managing Editor Hoteliers today face a number of formidable challenges, from the rapid ascent of Airbnb to the onerous pricing structures inflicted by the OTAs. Increasingly, these challenges are impinging on revenues […]

POS Solutions

Four Must-Ask Questions for Buyers of Hotel Restaurant POS Solutions

By Debbie Carson, Associate Editor With POS systems accounting for the largest portion of the budget for hotel restaurant IT investments, there is no shortage of related solution providers vying for the attention of prospective […]