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Thynk Secures $13 Million to Accelerate Expansion of Its Hotel CRM Platform

Thynk, a global provider of advanced technology solutions for data-driven hotel sales and operations management, has announced details on its latest successful round of investment, resulting in $13 million received in Series A funding. Led […]

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Mews Adds Hotello to its Growing List of Hotel Technology Acquisitions

Mews, a hospitality technology and cloud-based property management system (PMS) provider, has acquired Hotello, a Montreal-headquartered cloud PMS solution for hotel properties. The acquisition will strengthen Mews’s growth strategy in North America, particularly in the […]

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How Technology is Being Used To Solve the Hotel Staffing Crisis

The hotel industry is currently facing a historic staffing crisis stemming from a variety of pressures. Firstly, the COVID pandemic sparked a wildfire of layoffs and resignations in the hospitality industry that led to a […]

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Radisson Hotel Group Leads the Way in Immersive Digital Experiences for Hotel Bookings

Radisson Hotel Group is embracing immersive digital experiences that enable customers to explore and book their properties virtually. The immersive digital experience includes 3D virtual venue tours that allow customers to interact with surrounding objects, […]

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Quore Builds More Flexibility into Hotel Preventative Maintenance Capabilities as it Reaches 6,000 Customers 

Quore, the leading provider of workflow management and productivity tools for hotels, has released the latest enhancement to its Preventative Maintenance (PM) capabilities, adding new options and flexibility to scheduling features. Hotels can now leverage  Quore’s […]

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Holograms and the Future of Hospitality: How Holoconnects is Leading the Charge

Holograms were once nothing more than a fictitious invention explored in futuristic stories and movies. But over the years, hologram technology has evolved from a distant pipe dream to a present-day reality, with many real-world […]